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Affordable Sun City Weekend Getaways


Please note that the hotel and getaway rates you see below may not be final, at times there may be specials so discounts may apply, these discounts will be extended to you our valued guest. At times the rates may be more than the rates you see below due to hotel peak seasons or hotel high occupancy periods or price adjustments. You will be able to see the actual hotel rate or getaway package price on the payment link or the invoice we will be sending you once you have sent your request to info@travelaffordable.co.za.

We always endeavor to find the best, unbeaten deals for you.

You may book accommodation on its own or you may book the whole package with amazing sightseeing tours and fun activities. To book the activities please select them on the booking page under optional extras

NB! To book more than one room please make multiple bookings.

Should your group have kids, please  send request to info@travelaffordable.co.za

NB! Please be aware that the prices you see below do not take into account the rate increases at hotels. Once we receive your booking we will check the hotel rates and provide you with the accurate rates for your date. The below rates generated by the systen are accommodation only, should you wish to include all the package activities and features please select the sightseeing activities which appear on the right under the 'add extra options' side

By completing the below booking request form or contacting us for a quote you agree to complying with our booking terms and conditions as well as cancellation policies of our organisation and those of our service providers. You do acknowledge before making any bookings with us that we have a variety of accommodation providers which may be refererd to as 'the hotel' in our legal documents, this term may mean an accommodation provider or discount agent or it may also mean the physical hotel itself. These are the service providers that make sure to negotiate on our behalf in getting you the best deals so they work extra hard for our clients to get to keep our prices lower than any other agent. These providers have their own cancellation terms which are communicated to you upon receiving your intention to cancel a standing booking that you have with Travel Affordable. You do acknowledge that our cancellation policy has a refund window in which refunds are paid on the 5th of the month, this means that a cancellation that comes before the 5th will be paid on the 5th of the following month. A cancellation that comes a day after the 5th of the month is paid on the 5th of the consecutive month meaning if the request came on 6th January or later, the refund would be paid on 05 March which will be the refund payment window following the next one which caters for requests that came before the 5th of the month. Cancellation refunds will be paid in 4 instalments starting with the first installment on the day of the refund payment then from then on will be paid on the 5th of each of the following 4 months untill all refund amounts due have been paid.