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R 5 250.00 pp (min 2 Adults)
6 Days 5 Nights
R 4780.00 per person (min 4 Adults)
6 Days 5 Nights
You may take any of these getaway packages anytime of the week not restricted to weekends, you may add more nights to your getaway.
6 Days 5 Nights of exciting Dubai including 3 day sightseeing on the Dubai Sightseeing Tour Bus, enjoy a boat cruise on the new Dubai Canal, Visit The Lost Chambers at the Atlantis Palms, Visit the Dubai Mall Aquarium and Undewater Zoo, 60 minute Dubai Creek Cruise on traditional Dow, outdoor shopping at traditional Global Village, you go on an exciting night tour of Dubai and get the opportunity to experience the exciting Dubai nightlife and lots and lots of bargain shopping to be done

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